New Customer Form in Eastern NC


We appreciate your interest in Tidewater Energy. There are several ways to begin a relationship with us. You can always call your nearest location. For your convenience, we have also included a credit application form below for you to fill out. The information will be sent directly to our credit department for review. This is the quickest way for us to process your request.

We also understand that some people are not comfortable with this procedure. Therefore, you may download a copy of our credit application below and fax it to Tammie Howard at 252-523-8191 or e-mail her at


Credit Application:


By submitting this form you authorize Harvey Fertilizer and Gas Company, DBA Tidewater Energy to pull your credit report for the purpose of determining eligibility for an account with Tidewater Energy. A separate “service agreement” will need to be completed by both Tidewater Energy and the customer after credit has been approved.